Welcome to my website. Here you can find updates about my current engagements in the pursuit of a career singing opera, videos of past performances, my biography, resumé, and contact information.

I am an aspiring operatic bass-baritone from Houston, Texas. My passion for singing developed initially from the joy of learning and performing choral literature in high school. At the beginning of my senior year, with graduation and pressures that accompany the decision to attend college looming over me, I knew that singing was the one thing I could see myself doing for the rest of my life. I also knew that trying to make a career out of choral singing would not get me far, so I turned my focus to opera.

I auditioned and was accepted into Southern Methodist University where I currently study voice with Virginia Dupuy. In the time that I have been at SMU, I have immersed myself in opera. I love it because it is such a complete and collaborative art form. It utilizes many, if not all, aspects of the arts. No production would be successful without all of the performers and staff working together. It is so inspiring to see, experience, and be a part of the product of hundreds of people working towards the common goal of creating beautiful art meant to move people.

The more I study, perform, and familiarize myself with opera, the more my passion for it grows. Singing is not just a hobby for me, but a necessity to nurture and preserve my soul. I believe that God gave me whatever talents I possess so that I could grow as a person and establish a connection with others through my work. For that reason, it is my responsibility and joy to cultivate and share that talent.


P.S. Thanks to the generosity and prayers of so many wonderful people, I have managed to raise the money I needed to attend Opera in the Ozarks. You have given me an incredible opportunity to take monumental steps forward in my growth as a musician. Thank you. You have my most sincere gratitude. For more information about the wonderful program I am now able to attend, please visit my blog.